Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of store is Mid Century Style Shop?

The Mid Century Style Shop is a design oriented store that offers brand new products in an exclusive mid-century modern style, printed/hand-sewn one by one on a per-order basis. This makes for very unique products that you won't find anywhere else! This production process is called Print-on-demand (POD) and that business model is known as Dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping?

It's a new way of working with partners who take care of inventory, production and shipping for us so we can focus on designing beautiful products.

Are there customs fees?

It depends where you live. Our partner operates multiple production centers all over the world but not in every country. USA & Europe are covered for most products. If you've been charged custom fees before when buying online, chances are it will apply to your order on this store as well. Good news for our Canadian customers: a production center opened in 2020, which means less customs fees and faster shipping on a growing selection of products.

Can you add “Gift” on the package to avoid fees?

No. The only mention automatically added might be the retail price when shipping internationally.

Will I receive my order all at once?

Not necessarily. Some items take longer to produce than others and all the items in a single order might not be produced at the same location. This does not affect shipping prices.

What about taxes?

Taxes vary from different locations and depend on many factors. They'e automatically calculated at checkout.

Can I ask for a custom design?

We love to receive design suggestions from our customers—and we always consider them for future collections—but we can't commit to special requests for specific colours or products. This might change in the future.

How different are your products?

The idea behind the store was to take mainstream items and revisit them in a colourful and fun Mid Century Modern inspired style. Some products start from wholesale blank items, some are entirely handmade. What makes our products stand out is definitely the exclusive designs that you won't find anywhere else!

Where do your products come from?

All our products are printed/hand-sewn, on-site, one by one, on a per-order basis, at many production centers all over the world. If you order an item to be shipped in the USA, chances are it will be made in USA. The base blank items or materials that our partners use come from different sources depending on the product line and on where the order is being fulfilled.