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Home decor & more with exclusive designs inspired by the timeless mid‑century modern style, revisited by award-winning graphic designer Karl Rowley of Krafix Design.

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Our Specialty: Throw Pillows

Beautiful mid-mod throw pillows are a timeless addition to any decor and brighten a room like nothing else. They’re hand-sewn from custom printed fabric with a linen-style texture. The hidden zipper makes them feel seamless. All in exclusive designs, many color options, and 3 sizes.

Throw Pillows

Bedding Collection

Duvet Covers & Pillow Shams

Transform your bedroom decor into a mid-century modern oasis with our bold bedding collection with vibrant colors and large graphics, an ideal match for a mid-mod stylish statement. Made of ultra comfy microfiber, they'll bring you a beautiful sleep and let you wake up in style!


Designer Wine Tumblers

Happy hour at the beach or the pool can be tricky but being practical can also rhyme with elegance! These wine tumblers stay cold for hours and look fabulous with their exclusive design and glossy finish. Plus, the lid has an easy-glide opening to keeps bugs away.

Grab a few and head to the party in style... Cheers!

Wine Tumblers


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