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Mid Century Style Shop in a Redfin article

Mid Century Style Shop in a Redfin article

A fun collaboration

Check out the recent Redfin article that I was featured in with my Mid Century Style Shop store. Here's an excerpt:

“Thinking about styling your home in the iconic Mid-Century Modern fashion? Design and furniture experts weigh in to guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless blend of timeless aesthetics and contemporary flair. From balancing neutrals with bright colors to orchestrating a collection of accents, this Redfin article explores the intricacies of creating a Mid-Century Modern haven. Get tips on incorporating this classic design into your space, whether you’re in a small New York apartment or just moved into a larger open concept house in LA. We got you covered.”

Read the full article here: 39 Mid Century Modern Design Tips | Redfin

My full advice, with tips & tricks

When Redfin reached out for designers' contributions on how to dress your home in mid-century modern style, I knew this was a group collaboration. Turns out so many designers that Redfin reached out to replied with their advice, they had to cut it down to keep it tidy. So in the end, each of us got a snippet of our own submission, which is not unusual by the way.

But it brings me to share with you, on my own blog, the entirety of the advice I submitted for Redfin's article. You might find a few more key points that work well for you. So here it is, enjoy:

“Over the past few years, I’ve been redecorating my condo in mid-century modern style. I took the time to choose each item carefully. I've designed many home decor items myself, which I use personally and sell through my online store. If you'd like to try for yourself, you'll find many print-on-demand companies that provide pillows, blankets, towels, bedding, etc. with your own custom designs. I've also created many DIY projects that have helped me achieve a mid-mod vibe with simple tricks at little cost. Here are my tips for giving your home a mid-century modern feel:

  • Colors: Start with the basic MCM color palette: yellow, orange, aqua blue and green (lime or olive). Choose your own preference, then go from there.
  • Lamps: Mix textures and metals. Silver and gold blend beautifully with a touch of marble or black.
  • Patterns: Aim for bold, oversized and colorful geometric patterns, for example on a living room or hallway rug, or accent wallpaper on a wall.
  • Frames: Use black picture frames, all the same size, and organize them into a symmetrical or linear memory wall.
  • Furniture: Lower profiles, angled wooden legs, elongated shapes.
  • Bedroom: Create an elegant '60s mid-mod look with a wall of wood slats behind the bed. You can double the effect on the window side with wall-to-wall curtains, creating a stunning but cozy effect. Add LED lights on top for a special ambiance. I did it myself, it's easy and really beautiful. You'll find lots of DIY projects about it online, including on my own blog.
  • Accessories: Instead of having a simple trash can in the bathroom, put it higher up on a planter stand, either wood or metal. Bring desert-style plants into your home to make it look like Palm Springs, ground zero for MCM. Some faux cactus plants look incredibly real.”
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