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Quick DIY hack: give a mid-century look to an Apple Time Capsule, Linksys or similar router.

Quick DIY hack: give a mid-century look to an Apple Time Capsule, Linksys or similar router.

The quickest mid-century hack ever...

This is an idea that happened by accident. While trying to fix the wireless network configuration on my Apple Airport Time Capsule, I had to watch the status light on the router. Being on an upper shelf, I needed to stand up every now and then to see it. After trying to raise the router with a pile of business cards or other small objects, I had the sudden idea to use the wood stand of a small mid-century planter that was on the same shelf. And that's when I realized I had just found an incredibly easy hack to give this already elegant router a fabulous mid-century modern makeover. This is so cool and cheap, I decided to make a video just to show you!

Of course, you can adapt this trick to any object and mid-centurize anything that needs a bit of styling to match your home decor. In fact, the Linksys Atlas or Velop routers seem to be perfect candidates as they are quite similar to the now discontinued Apple routers. Just make sure the object fits the base size, don't forget the cabling, and voilà! I bought this little planter (with a fake plant) in a department store. I don't remember where exactly but I think it was Target. I had changed the faux plant for a faux succulent for a Palm Springs desert look.

I know this is quite an easy fix but sometimes, the smallest details make a huge difference and this cold tech item definitely looks amazing now and feels right at home in my decor. All this for a few bucks!

Let me know if you try it out and write a comment!


It seems the British Consols cigarettes pack shown in the video is from the 1960s according to the Cigarettespedia website. My grandma had told me she had bought it when she was young and that she just forgot about it. Being born in 1912, she would have been in her late 40s if that source is true. Maybe I remember it wrong or she enhanced it a bit or vice versa... either way, it's still a fun story! What I'm sure of is that she gave it to me, and it must have been in the 1980s since she passed away in 1990.

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