Mid-century vintage car: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III owned by Lucille Ball

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In the series “The amazing cars you see just walking around Palm Springs!” Here’s my favourite yet: Lucile Ball’s Rolls Royce???

 Palm Springs Lucille Ball Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III front view


I’m walking around Ruth Hardy Park when I stopped by this mid-century wonder to take a pic. The friendly owner explains it was Lucille Ball’s Rolls Royce! Nothing less! How crazy is that??? And the colour is … OH MY… GORGEOUS!!! I take a few more pics, finish my walk and head home…

Palm Springs Lucille Ball Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III front close-up

Palm Springs Lucille Ball Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III back view

When I researched it to know more, I was a bit disappointed. I couldn't find any reference or picture related to this specific car. It seems Lucille Ball did own classic cars, including a Silver Cloud III Rolls Royce model like this one but a few things were off: the colour is different (although at the time it was custom with a change of ownership), the licence plate says Florida, and the headlights are different. There’s even a famous Getty picture of her getting in a Rolls Royce (it's copyrighted so you'd need to Google it). So I’m not sure… Maybe she had more than one? Was it repainted/refitted by a new East Coast owner and brought here for sale?

The owner was a sweet gentleman and it makes such a wonderful story, I think I’ll stick with the story being TRUE, just because I love this stuff!!! So if you know anything, or even the owner, let me know!

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