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Mid-century modern breeze blocks products selection

New Collection: Breeze Blocks!

Inspired by classic mid-mod architectural block walls, a collection rooted in the design soul of Palm Springs.

Here's the story of a beautiful design collection that is at the heart of this little city's history and fame.

Before we dig in, you can check this short video from our YouTube channel where I unpack samples of the Breeze Blocks collection including these: tote, towel, throw pillow, coasters, mugs and a new line of wine tumblers.


Creating a new collection

For years, during my many walks through Palm Springs’ most distinctive neighborhoods, I’ve been taking pics and notes of what catches my creative eye.

Mid-century modern breeze blocks wall

To my surprise, there were many more breeze block styles than I ever imagined. This sparked my curiosity and I began to research and redesign them one by one into a uniform grid.

Mid-century modern breeze blocks drawing design

Over time, an impressive selection of blocks emerged. I enhanced it with a few of my own, for a total of 35 different blocks and it simply became the "Breeze Blocks" collection. It's one of the first collections without a personalized name like the others as in the popular ZipperDee or LozAnges collections.

Making its way on products

The first product was an art poster sold either as a print alone or fully framed and ready to hang. The vibrant colors and premium paper made for a stunning mid-mod home decor item.

During the year that followed, I realized it would be the perfect candidate to expand it into a fabulous collection of various articles. For months I played around with layout and colors and finally decided to go with not only variants of current products but also a few new ones as well.

Mid-century modern breeze blocks tote bagMid-century modern breeze blocks beach towelMid-century modern breeze blocs throw pillow

There are usual suspects like beach totes and beach towels, throw pillows and coasters, but I wanted to add something different to our ever so popular mugs offering.

New Mugs

The first item is a black mug, which we had never done before. There's a little story behind that choice... I love tea in the afternoon but that's really tough for stains on white ceramic. If you don't drink it all and it stays still for a while or you don't clean it right after you're done, the stain can become quite a challenge to scrub off on any mug (and I have a ton of mugs, as you can imagine). That's why I figured a black mug would be a better option and a great new product. After using my black and white sample mug for weeks now, I can tell you it has become my exclusive go-to mug for my after-lunch daily Earl Grey tea.


Mid-century modern black and white breeze blocks mug

Then there was a new trend making the rounds of e-commerce that I wanted to try: inside-colored mugs. This is such a fun and vibrant style that I wanted to try it. The Breeze Blocks collection proved to be an absolute winner for this. Thanks to the multiple color options, I was able to create a mini collection inside a the mugs collection by wisely choosing and mixing colors.

Mid-century modern breeze blocks mugs

As you can see, the result is stunning. Since nothing rhymes more with the ubiquitous Palm Springs sunshine than a beautifully orange-colored mug, this is my absolute favorite. These mugs are standard size at 11oz, compared to the bigger 15oz we still have and frankly, the're so cute, it's a perfect size. Also, you'll find them in new colors I rarely offer on the store like yellow and light pink. I added a black and white too, which is so elegant and classy. You can find them in the Mugs collection or the "shop by" Breeze Blocks design page.

Holiday Spirit

This was so inspiring, when I saw there was a red mug available, I set it aside and jumped on the occasion to create our very first Christmas-themed item with a custom-designed reindeer! Check it out... I'm already thinking of much more items with this same fun theme, and I just love the holidays.


Mid-century modern breeze blocks Christmas theme

Un-Wine-Ding at the pool

But I was not done! Here in Palm Springs, we have the majestic Mount San Jacinto. The Coachella Valley is nestled at its feet. But as we all know, there's no beach. So you go to the pool regularly. Naturally, glass isn't allowed, so plastic or else is mandatory. Since I love wine, I always wanted to get a nice tumbler that would keep my Pino Griggio cold. It can be so hot here in summer time. I just couldn't find a provider with nice ones... until now!

So I am more than proud to present you a fabulous line of gorgeous wine tumblers with the exclusive Breeze Blocks design in multiple colors.

Mid-century modern breeze blocks wine tumblers

They have a sturdy cap with an easy-slide opening to keep bugs and sand away, a nice glossy finish, and with their stainless steel double-wall, they keep cold for hours. You'll absolutely love these!

I hope you find something fun for yourself or your loved ones. Bringing joy, color and exclusive decor and more to your home at an affordable price is my goal. Thank you for being part of it!

You'll find the whole Breeze Blocks collection right here ›

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