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Quick DIY hack to give a mid century touch to a TV stand

Quick DIY hack to give a mid century touch to a TV stand

Mid Century Modern do it yourself IKEA TV bench hack

I know this kind of hack seems a bit obvious and easy but let's be real, most people would never think it's an IKEA do-it-yourself furniture hack. Everyone visiting my Palm Springs condo have the same reaction when they notice the TV bench: "That's cute, where did you get it?". The answer is IKEA and Home Depot. Then they all want to know how to do it. So here it is! Very simple...

What you'll need and how-to

IKEA Lack white TV Bench

Buy a regular TV bench that you can take the legs off, or just don't install them if it's a build-it-yourself furniture kit like the one I used from IKEA.

Get some mid century modern style wood legs at your hardware store. Don't forget the metal plates. If you want a real mid century look, go for the anlged ones, not the straight plates. Make sure to get an extra kit for the underneath middle for additional support, if required.

Choose the positions of the legs wisely. You don't want to screw in thin decorative sheets if it's a cheaper bench made of empty boards. Try not to put the legs in the absolute corner, it'll give it a bit of an overhang style which has more of a mid century modern feel.

When the plates are installed, try it out in it's final position in the room with the legs on. See if you need to reposition the legs to make the look perfect. When done, take the legs off and use brown shoe shine to give them a nice walnut tint. It's a quick and easy nifty little trick from a neighbour. If you're careful enough, no mess at all. You don't even need to let them dry if the legs have a metal cap like the ones I got. Just spread the polish evenly with a paper towel. Remember that the wood grain will show off a lot with the polish so keep that in mind when you choose your legs at the store. This technique doesn't render a finish as dark and even as real walnut but hey, for a few bucks? What the hack!

Shopping notes

Wadell taper round wood legs, metal plates and brown KIWI shoe polish

TV Stand: IKEA Lack TV Unit $49
(at the time of this writing, the white version was unavailable)

Wood legs: Wadell, Wood Round Taper Table Leg, Home Depot $3/ea (5)

Metal plates: Wadell Steel Angle Top Plates, Home Depot $2/ea (5)

Shoe shine: Kiwi Shoe Polish, Brown, Walmart $6

Total: $80

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