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Samples: Adidas Caps Embroidered with our Mid-Mod Star

Samples: Adidas Caps Embroidered with our Mid-Mod Star

New Adidas Embroidered Caps

With more than a hundred golf courses and historically famous tournaments, Palm Springs has always been a destination for golfers from around the world. It's in this spirit that I'm very excited to launch the first branded products in the store, the Adidas Performance Golf caps. You'll love their quality, softness and comfort.

Wether you golf or not, you'll fall in love with the fabulous embroidery of our own Mid-Mod Star in bright orange and you'll want to wear them everywhere. The curved flap and black undervisor make the perfect anti-glare headware. Offered in black or white in OSFM (one size fits most) and are for both men and women.

Have a look at the video to find out how they fit and learn a bit more about the history of Adidas company name.


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