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Samples: Art Posters

Samples: Art Posters

New Art Posters

Ever since I opened the online store, I'd been keeping a side project and gathering doodles of breeze blocks from my walks around town here in Palm Springs. One day, I sat down and decided to start redesigning them all in a unified grid, one at a time. It took many years to get them it all done, doing a few here and there, changing the grid, modifying the ratio many times, adjusting lines and overall style. The goal was to get to a point where any style of breeze block could fit one grid. I wasn't sure what I'd do with it though.

On another level, my graphic design job is really amazing and fulfilling creatively. But the basis of my professional field is doing logos, brochures, and ads that are a vehicle to sell a client's products and services or to promote their brand. It's never been and should not be a way to express yourself. The graphic designers who don't get that never go very far in the business... That's part of the reason why I started my store. I knew that thanks to my unique career path, I could give another take on the mid-century modern style and maybe express myself a bit at the same time. But I always wanted to go a bit further. And that's why art posters is a perfect fit. I can take my design love and ability and make it art just for the sake of it. Pillows, towels, and bags are fun to design but they are functional items. There's still a pretty significant constrain to take into account. On the other hand, art is art. It's just there because it's nice. That's very rare in a graphic designer's life.

So there it is! A beautiful art poster just because it's nice. 35 breeze blocks styles, redesigned and customized in a unified grid. The result is a beautiful and exclusive art poster, printed on premium photo paper with a subtle glossy finish, offered either framed or print only, in multiple sizes.

Of course, more designs to come. Probably very different from one to the next. I hope you find something you like to give your home some mid-mod love.

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