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DIY Tips & Tricks to midcenturise everyday items: kitchen, trash bin, IKEA tv unit, and more.

DIY Tips & Tricks to midcenturise everyday items: kitchen, trash bin, IKEA tv unit, and more.

DIY Tips & Tricks to midcenturise everyday items

A quick video with simple and inexpensive ideas to "midcenturise" everyday items around your home like a utensil holder, a bathroom bin, an IKEA Lack tv bench, and a couple fun articles.

This video is quite self-explanatory and doesn't need much explanation. But here are a few links that you might find useful if something is of more interest to you particularily...

WALL TILE / POT TRIVET - From the company Hide and Seek Supply Co., in their breeze blocks collection, under "Wall Tile" denomination, at $13 ea. Great products, fun and original. It's very popular so it's often out of stock. I found those guys while visiting the Palm Springs Vintage Market, you should subscribe to the market's newsletter to know when it's on, usually 1st Sunday of the month, October to May.

UTENSIL HOLDER - The sheet metal leftover used to slide inside the utensil holder is from the bedroom IKEA Stockholm lamp mid-mod makeover project. Click here to learn more. The original holder is from Target for $10. Click here for the link. (valid at the time of this writing).

PLANT HOLDER for bathroom bin - $13 at Walmart. Click here for the link (valid at the time of this writing). Since the plant holder is adjustable, any bin will fit!

IKEA LACK TV BENCH - This is from one of the oldest project on the blog. I never made a video about it. That's why I included it in this one. For more detailed info, click here for the blog post. IKEA doesn't sell this exact Lack TV bench model anymore but a smaller one is still sold. The idea is to replace the legs so any bench you like that fits your decor will do, as long as the legs are replaceable. Don't hesitate to add an additional leg under the center of the unit for extra support if required, that's what I did.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour. If you try any of these ideas or have great ones yourself, please leave a comment!

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